About Us

Sometimes we have a lot to say, a lot to share, and much more to express about a certain topic or issue which impacts a wider audience. But we don’t have the right channel or platform for the same.

Open Letters wants to be just that platform for you. Open Letters is an open platform where we accept open letters from everyone who intends to share on our website. We call such open letter writers “Open Voices”.

We aim to build a community that listens to every voice that wants to share its perspective about an issue, process, or way of things.

We invite such Open Voices to read our “Submission Policy” and fill “Submission Form” to make their open letter published on our platform.

If you are not an “Open Voice” you can still be part of our community and contribute by reading the available Open Letters and blogs and encouraging them with your insightful comments.

You can also share them with your friends, family, and colleagues in any and every possible way if you feel connected with any of the Open Letters.

You can even subscribe to our email updates to stay aware of everything that’s going on in our community.

Let’s brainstorm on various issues and topics together in a unique way.

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